Faster Biz Tips From a Top Creative Agency


Be the bright light in the room.

It starts with branding YOU (then all the other dominoes will fall into place). “Personal branding” is the quote of the day.

Your business has a face – yours. It needs to be all over the place and you need to be a brand, not just a person. Even when your company is trading on the DOW at $1000 a share, time will still remember your image from when it first saw your little seedling of a company just starting to bud in the garden.

Get your name and your company’s name in people’s faces. Make your name start to rattle around in their heads like some commercial jingle you just can’t shake.

Take it from a creative agency that knows. You need to make your image shine – and make it shine bright!

Target your intended market with pinpoint accuracy.

Don’t let the first people you try to hit up for business be your friends and family -unless they are interested in what you’re selling. The best way to get the ball rolling is to roll it towards people who are already clamoring for what you do. They already need what you offer, you just have to show them that you’re the best one offering it.

That’s marketing with pin-point, sniper-like accuracy. Printing up and blindly passing out a gaggle of flyers will only be wasting your time and lots of paper. (And ink. That stuff gets expensive!) Instead, target your customers by finding out where they flock. For example, do you sell widgets? Well, log on to a widget forum online or hit up the nearest widget-lovers convention and start putting your company (and your face) out there. Those people already want what you got! Every new business already has clients waiting on them if they can market their product better.

The Internet Beckons… design agency in China

The web, yes this thing you are using to read these blogs, is a beast. It has the goods, the bads and the uglies… but it also provides an excellent way to promote your business to about a jillion more people than you could ever pass a business card out to. Essentially, the world is your customer base. Full of your clients – it’s just that many of them don’t know it yet. Which is where the Internet comes into play. Specifically, social media marketing and having a super awesome website with a blog tucked right in.

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. You may not like them, but your business does. You don’t have to have a personal account with any social media outlet, but at least grab a couple for your company to help drum up business and to create yourself a good online presence.

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