How to Select Your Bait Boat to Drop Bait and Hook on the Best Angling Spot

Let’s imagine we are now sitting at the edge of a pond, which is supposed to be populated by numerous carps and other fish. We have our fishing tackle and bait and we need to decide where to start fishing. How would you select your swim? Following your fishing experience, trusting your fellow anglers’ opinion.

Yet we need to take the risk of getting tangled up, disturbing other fishers. We might experience, after several attempts and after having lost a lot of valuable quality fishing time that the sweet spot is not the favourite spot for the sort of fish we are angling for. So we would like to be able to locate the fish and get our rig and bait to that spot with maximum accuracy and minimum risk. used boat

A tool to carry bait and rig to the desired position will be required. That’s where modern technology reaches its helping hand via a wireless controlled bait boat. If the radio controlled bait boat is equipped with a fish finder, you can eventually accomplish all the dreams of a true carp fisher. You will be able to locate the fish and get yourself over to that sweet spot with rig and bait to catch those fish. If you start looking online for radio controlled bait boats you will find a large variety of radio controlled bait boats. Therefore we recommend that you make up your mind about your goal and verify your demands carefully. For this reason we made up a list of the main questions concerning bait boat selection.

  • Is the function for finding fish required? It makes sense to check if your rc boat accepts the option called fish finder, as you will require it for easy finding the fish. Please verify if your selected rc device offers the fish finder option. Two possibilities: it can be integrated in a later stage as an option, or the bait boat already has the finder function integrated as a standard. This fish finder option is most of the time not cheap so it can be quite interesting to know if you can integrate it later on in your RC lure boat.
  • What is your usual weight of bait for your swim? The bait boats’ capacity is specified in kg or lbs. If the weight of your remote control boat is specified to maximum 0.5kg, you could have to arrange multiple trips if your desired bait quantity is much more. Make up your mind about this specification as it also has implications for the price.
  • What is your desired maximum fishing range? This range generally varies between 200 and 600m. Surpassing the distance might make you lose radio control over your boat. Select the lure boat with your desired appropriate maximum range in mind.
  • Is fishing at any time of the day a requirement? Pilot lights and a Led signaling your bait has been dropped will come out convenient whenever you choose angling in dark or misty conditions. Bait boats fitted with GPS guidance capabilities are perfect as solution, but rather preserved for the high budget.
  • What are the limits you set in terms of price? We hope that the selection criteria above allow you to evaluate your needs and choose your bait boat within your budget.


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