The History of Air Compressors

An air compressor is a helpful system used to run tools, making home repairs and other activities simpler and easier. This device is a very effective way to save time and effort when doing woodworking, house cleaning and more. In addition to this, air powered tools can also be environmentally friendly and flexible. There are a wide variety of air compressors available in the market today, with regards to different brands, styles and designs. It is an important step to know what to look for to choose the right product that will suit your needs. It always makes sense to  air compressor  do further research and assessment on the product. Considering these, below are few significant steps applicable and require testing before buying:

Most air compressors require pound per square inch (PSI) rating of at least 90. Check the ratings on your tools and incorporate it with the rating capacity of a new air compressor you’re trying to buy. If you plan to add more tools to your inventory, more PSI is better to use. Remember the more tools you want to add the higher rating it requires.

A standard compressor (with 90 PSI) typically can deliver 3 to 4 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The CFM measures the air’s volume that moves through the air compressor. It usually works together with the PSI changing respectively with the rating. If you intend to run additional tools (more than one tool) at a time, look for a higher CFM.

Should it be used with gas-powered or electric powered machines? Gas-powered unit is more portable but not appropriate in enclosed areas for it releases fumes. Whilst, electric powered machine needs an outlet and can be used only in a limited area, but it is cleaner. Determine what compressor intended for your requirement. Remember, smaller compressors are portable and you can move it around the house or your job site, while bigger units can be permanent, and require a more solid mounting area.If you want to run the tools continuously, choose a compressor with a large motor but with a smaller tank. Smaller tanks (20 to 22 gal.) work best with bigger motors. If your using intermittent power tolls, bigger tanks can be utilized because it holds more than 30 gal. of air at a time.

Be practical, especially when comparing prices. Inexpensive compressors are good and widely available, however, never compromise quality over dirt-cheap products. Not all cheaper air compressors are in low quality or meant to be disposable. There are actually good compressors out there available for a very reasonable price. You had to look and evaluate carefully, because cheaper are not always the best bargain.Choose air compressor made by a reliable manufacturer. Trustworthy companies have been in business for a long time and proven enough how effective their products are. They also provide warranty and you can contact them anytime whenever technical problems regarding the product you purchased arise.

Reciprocating air compressor is a positive displacement machine that reduces the volume of the air to increase its pressure. The pressurized air is stored in a large steel vessel and discharged at the point-of- use through a steel pipe fitted with a control valve.

Since pressurized air has many uses in modern day industry, reciprocating are in great demand. Their rugged construction and ability to work non-stop for long hours makes them industrial workhorse. There are two types of reciprocating air compressors. A single stage air compressor has one, two or three compression cylinders of same bore size, in which piston(s) compress the air against the cylinder head to raise its pressure and discharge it in storage tank. Usually this type of compressor is used where medium pressure air is required like, operating pneumatic tools, spray painting, fuel atomization for boiler, blow molding, filtration process in chemical industry, and drive pneumatic nailers, staplers and other similar types of machines.

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